“We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced”
Malala Yousafza

Voices in the Dark Repertory

Voice in the Dark Repertory is dedicated to presenting, producing and promoting plays, films, art, dance, literature and musical interpretations that are artistic expressions of the disenfranchised.  It is our desire to give voices to those normally unheard. 


We are visionaries on a mission to promote understanding and goodwill between the sexes, races and ethnicities through the ARTS.   Plays, films, lectures, art presentations and book signings are carefully and meticulously selected to accomplish that goal. 


  We believe that where there is insight, there is understanding.  Where there is understanding there is acceptance.  Thus, our vision is to strengthen the “ties that bind” all peoples of the world through the ARTS.   

If indeed we are to survive as a people, it is time to educate ourselves about ourselves, so that we can appreciate our own contributions by glorifying and celebrating our sameness through our diversities; thus, empowering ourselves and the disenfranchised with the knowledge of WHO WE WERE, WHO WE ARE AND WHY WE must continue to BE.


Voice in the Dark Repertory is committed and will continue to produce and present artistic experiences that challenge the spirit and fortify the soul.


2020 Virtual: Summer Intensive

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