Voices in the Dark presents

One woman's journey through our collective history
Previewed in Congo Square, Sunday December 3, 2017 and was viewed by more than 200 people who watched more than 40 actors, singers, dancers and drummers present the living history of Louisiana.
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Set in antebellum Louisiana, the centerpiece of Le Code Noir is Congo Square. This historical outdoor drama is a functional journey rather than a theoretical lecture on Louisiana history. Written by Mark R. Sumner and Tommye Myrick, the play, based on the creative dramatization of historical events, presents and explores themes in Louisiana and U.S. History, centers on regionally and nationally recognized figures, dramatizes a story of survival that has the power to create a new sense of appreciation of the fascinating events in Louisiana’s history and the making of this country. It is a living history which explores themes and events of profound consequence in human history. It chronicles the life of an 18-year-old enslaved African girl who arrives to the auction block in New Orleans from Saint-Domingue in 1794. Over the next thirty years, she experiences major events in American History, including the Treaty of San IIdefonso, - The Louisiana Purchase, the Revolt of 1811, and the Battle of New Orleans.

Auction Block
Facing the abyss
Those that remain
The Block
The hope
More for us
The mothers and daughters left
Marie Laveau
Congo Square